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Polyester strapping

NARROSTRAP™ is the premium brand of strapping manufactured by Narrowtex, woven from high tenacity polyester yarn. NARROSTRAP™ is the superior and safe alternative to all other types of banding including steel, composite, extruded, chains and wire ropes.
NARROSTRAP™ is available in a wide variety of tensile strengths and widths to suit any requirement. Using various combinations of buckles, tensioners and dispensers, NARROSTRAP™ holds cargo firmly during transit and is ideal for securing heavy or uneven loads. For maximum efficiency and durability, NARROSTRAP™ designs a perfect system combining high quality woven cord strapping in combination with the ultimate in strapping hardware…

• NARROSTRAP™ – woven polyester strapping
• Bonded strapping
• Steel replacement strapping
• Strapping hardware – buckles, dispensers, tensioners

1) Industries
NARROSTRAP™ is especially designed for the securing of cargo and palletising various product lines :
• Timber – sawmills, timber products, pallet strapping
• Glass – flat glass, windscreens
• Machinery – engines, equipment
• Car Manufacturers – securing motor vehicles in transit
• Chemical – drums
• Stevedore – container cargo
• Construction – brickyards, scaffold, precast, concrete products
• Transportation – goods in transit
• Shipping – shipping crates, cargo inside containers
• Agriculture – securing branches
• Meat Industry – hanging meat carcasses, animal hides
• Steel – steel pipes
• Plastic – plastic piping
• Packaging – reselling, cardboard & boxes

2)Printed Strapping
NARROSTRAP™ can be printed in various colours to show corporate identity and promote brand awareness …company name, logo, break strength

3)Strapping in Different Colours
NARROSTRAP™ can be pigmented to any color to show …corporate identity, break strength application and to differentiate types of end use

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Narrostrap Woven

Woven Cord Strapping

The polyester woven strapping manufactured by Narrowtex carries a distinct brand called NARROSTRAP™. The NARROSTRAP™ product brand has developed into a…

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Bonded Strapping

Polyester strapping

Bonded strapping, otherwise referred to as hot melt strapping, has many advantages over conventional manually applied products such as steel straps, metal banding, rope…

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Printed Strapping

Printable woven cord strapping

Narrostrap can be printed in various colours, to show corporate identity and promote brand awarenes for Company Name, Company logo…

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Steel replacement strapping

Steel replacement cargo strapping

Narrostrap manufactured by Narrowtex, offers the finest quality steel replacement strapping in the form of woven polyester strapping…

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Strapping hardware systems

For maximum efficiency and durability, the strapping systems supplied by Narrowtex includes a range of strapping hardware…

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Colourised Strapping

Colored cargo woven strapping

To colourise or pigment polyester woven strapping, is a unique process offered by Narrowtex. Narrostrap can be pigmented to…

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Only the highest quality polyester, polypropylene, nylon and cotton yarns are used in the construction of our tapes, webbings and strapping to ensure a consistent and reliable product with superior all round performance.


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