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Narrostrap is the registered trademark for polyester woven strapping, which is a perfect steel strapping replacement.
Our patented Narrostrap has been carefully created to provide all of the benefits of steel banding but with the superior strength, flexibility and versatility that woven polyester strapping offers.
The steel replacement strapping coils are lightweight, simple to handle manually and easy to store. Woven polyester strapping is soft on the hands and will not spring back when cut thus reducing the risk of injury.
The steel replacement strapping is applied easily, quickly and more consistently. The sharp edges of steel can cause damage to cargo and to the vehicle surface during transit. Besides, steel can also rust or stain a load. Steel replacement strapping has soft pliable edges that wrap around cargo contours even the most unusually shaped loads, allowing partial movement during transit. Woven strapping does not scratch paintwork, score surfaces or damage forklifts and is corrosion free.
Our aim is to provide a real product alternative to steel, that not only functions more effectively but is also safer and more affordable. If you are still using steel strapping for your application, even if you have tried this in the past, a second look is definitely warranted. We will gladly send you steel replacement strapping samples, free of charge. Put Narrostrap to the test for yourself.

For more information about our steel strapping replacement please call our team on (+27) 36 352 3108. We will be more than happy to help and we look forward to hearing from you

Look no further for a provider of steel strapping replacement.