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Q512 50mm Woven Pocket Mini Pleat Tape

Q512 Woven Pocket Mini Pleat Tape

This tape has high quality woven pockets, forming strong hook pockets that support the hooks firmly. They don't sag and curtains will hang at consistent length. By encasing the draw cords of pencil pleat tapes in specially constructed tubes set in the base fabric of the tape the cords remain at the back of the pleat. The individual pleats then stand forward of the base fabric in the classic 'D' pleat

Product Description

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Q512 Woven Pocket Mini Pleat Tape

Type of fabric
Fabric estimation
Rods or tracks
50 mm
50 m
Light or medium weight fabric
2 to 3 times length of rod or track
tracks or rods
2 wovenpocket
2 drawcords

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