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Pinch Pleat Curtain Tapes

Narrowtex produces a range of headings that extend to pinch pleat curtain tapes, which is a graceful decorative heading for curtains with any type of fabric. Pinch pleat headings use more fabric and are fuller, than pencil pleats. Pinch pleats are permanently fixed and sewn-in heading, thus showing a more opulent, tailored look.

There are 2 types of pinch pleat effects :

French pleat

– this pleat are groups of triple pleats, creating a classic formal heading with a uniform finish and neat stacking to the side. French pleats, also known as knife pleats pinched in groups of three, forms a crisp heading and is exact in appearance. More suited to medium fabrics

Dutch or twin pleat

– this pleat, in groups of two is slightly more casual pleating than French. Useful for heaver fabrics than the French pleat

Benefits of Narrowtex Curtain Tapes

• Choice of packaging – wound onto rolls or lap-folded
• Printed tape – promotes company brand awareness
• Heat finished or starched – reduce shrinkage during cleaning
• Superior tape performance – excellent quality and inspection processes
• Diverse product range – many choices in styles, widths and pleating effects

Narrowtex Pinch Pleat Curtaining Tapes
Rods or tracks : use it with tracks
Fabric type : suitable for medium to heavy weight fabric
Fabric estimation : multiply the track width by 1.8 – 2.5 times


AAR Approved

Narrowtex manufactures and supplies Association of American Railroad (AAR) certified lashing for open top loading.