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Polyester woven strapping

Narrostrap Woven

The polyester woven strapping manufactured by Narrowtex carries a distinct brand called NARROSTRAP™. The NARROSTRAP™ product brand has developed into a historic name in the strapping world over the years, providing superior quality woven polyester strapping to a local and global customer base.

NARROSTRAP™ is the ideal solution for various applications as the woven polyester strapping does not split, is flexible and can be used universally. Combined with buckles, tools and tensioners, Narrostrap provides a reliable assembly solution. The strapping can be tensioned using manual or pneumatic tension tools.

• Economical
• Safe to use
• Maximum impact resistance
• Minimal lash back during cutting
• High join efficiency
• Shock absorbent
• Maintains tension over time
• Corrosion free
• No cargo damage
• Ideal for manual handling and disposal
• Soft on hands
• Low tooling costs and maintenance
• Lightweight and portable
• UV resistant
• Weather resistant
• As strong as steel
• High system strengths
• Exclusive extra grip buckle provides superior join efficiency


Polyester woven straps


Narrostrap Industry Applications

Timber – sawmills, mining support timber products, pallet manufacturers, door manufacturers.

Glass – flat glass, windscreens

Machinery – engines manufacturers, machine moving and rigging

Chemical – bracing chemical drums on pallets

Construction – brickyards, scaffolding, precast concrete products, sanitary ware, fiber board manufacturers.

Shipping/Stevedore – export crates, securing cargo in shipping containers.

Meat Industry – hanging meat carcasses, strapping animal hides

Steel – securing steel pipes, steel wire manufacturers, steel roofing material manufacturers.

Galvanisers – Pipe and Sheet Metal Galvanisers

Plastic – Construction pipe manufacturers, irrigation pipe manufacturers.

Paper Manufacturers – Securing paper coils in containers.

Packaging – corrugated box manufacturers, shrink film manufacturers

Baling – Waste Recycling