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Narrolash Cargo Lashing

NARROLASH™ is the most versatile and flexible of all non-metallic cargo lashing. It is one of the safest and most cost effective alternatives to steel strapping, chains, wire ropes and ratchet strapping. Using various combinations of lashing, lash buckles and hooks, Narrolash can perfectly accommodate countless lashing systems, effortlessly. Cargo in transit is held firm and safe and is transported to destinations without damage to the load or to the vehicle.

Our core range in the below table is Association of American Railroads (AAR) certified:

Product Width (inches) Breaking Strength (lbs)
111 NSAW AAR 1 1/4 4000
NW 103 AAR 1 1/2 5400
NW 152 AAR 1 5/8 7700

Benefits of Narrolash

• Safe with less risk of injury
• Cost effective restraining method
• Quick application and easy to use
• Prevents damage to cargo
• Shock absorbent
• High restrained tension
• High system strengths
• Lightweight and portable
• Corrosion free
• Chemical resistant
• Weather resistant
• Re-tensionable
• No damage risk to surface of carrier
• In house testing facility
• Printable
• Can be colorised
• Certified and approved

Load securing polyester lashing

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AAR Approved

Narrowtex manufactures and supplies Association of American Railroad (AAR) certified lashing for open top loading.