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Cargo Lashing

Container Lashing from Narrowtex is manufactured to ensure a safe and secure cargo lashing system and provide a reputation of being known as lashing solutions specialists. Narrowtex range of cargo lashing is marketed under the brand NARROLASH™ and the comprehensive range of products can accommodate various cargo securing systems.

Narrowtex range of lashing systems ensure that cargo transported by either road, rail or sea freight will arrive at its destination without damage.

Our core range in the below table is Association of American Railroads (AAR) certified:

Product Width (inches) Breaking Strength (lbs)
111 NSAW AAR 1 1/4 4000
NW 103 AAR 1 1/2 5400
NW 152 AAR 1 5/8 7700

The cargo lashing system includes a unique range of lashing products and hardware working in combination with…

• NARROLASH™ (polyester woven lashing) and
• Lashing hardware – buckles, tensioners, dispensers

NARROLASH™ systems can be used in every type of load securing whether inside or on top of… rail cars, containers, shipping vessels, trucks, lorries, flat racks, open top containers, freight carriers, etc

1) Printed Lashing

Narrolash can be printed in various colours, to show corporate identity and promote brand awareness…with company name, logo, break strength

2) Lashing in various colours

Narrolash can be pigmented to any colour to highlight… corporate identity, break strength applications, different end uses.

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3) Load Securing Industries

NARROLASH™ is especially designed for cargo restraint solutions for various industries :

• Machinery – engines, equipment
• Steel and metal – pipes, sheeting
• Engineering – lifting, machinery
• Automotive – cars, parts in transit
• Chemical and petrochemicals – drums, containers
• Construction – brickyards, scaffold, precast, concrete products
• Shipping – shipping crates, cargo inside containers, bundled loads
• Open top loading
• Vessels – irregular shaped cargo, containerization
• Transport and logistics – flat racks, rail cars, trucking
• Food and beverage – securing and palletizing
• Pulp and paper – bulk transportation
• Plastics- piping, sheeting,
• Export Packing – lashing cargo securement for export
• Ports and terminals – lifting, packing and loading
• Armed and defence forces – securement during transportation



Lashing Cargo solutions for secure cargo lashing

NARROLASH™ is the most versatile and flexible of all non-metallic cargo lashing. It is one of the safest and most cost effective alternatives to steel strapping, chains, wire ropes…


Printed Lashing

Cargo lashing is important for lashing cargo securely

Narrolash lashing cargo can be printed in various colours, to show corporate identity and promote brand awarenes…

Lashing Hardware

Lashing of cargo buckles for completely secure loads

Narrolash woven polyester cargo lashing works in conjunction with load buckles, tensioners and tools to provide restraint load systems of superb quality. Narrolash buckles provide…


Colourized Lashing

Cargo lashing can be colorized for attractive lashing of cargo

To colourise or pigment lashing of cargo, is a unique process offered by Narrowtex. Narrolash can be pigmented…


Only the highest quality polyester, polypropylene, nylon and cotton yarns are used in the construction of our tapes, webbings and strapping to ensure a consistent and reliable product with superior all round performance.


Lashing Product Table 1

AAR Approved

Narrowtex manufactures and supplies Association of American Railroad (AAR) certified lashing for open top loading.