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Lashing of Cargo

Lashing cargo – one of the major concerns for anyone transporting goods is that it arrives at the chosen destination safely and intact. Narrowtex supplies the highest quality cargo lashing known at NARROLASH.

NARROLASH is manufactured form high tenacity polyester yarn lashing and provides the same properties of cargo securement as steel strapping or chains but without the negative aspect of potential damage to the cargo and to the vehicle.  NARROLASH is also the far more affordable alternative and is currently being used by various companies internationally for lashing cargo.

Narrolash provides the correct elongation and allows for load settling during transit. This prevents over tensioning and possible damage to cargo during the lashing process. The lashing is tested throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the tensile strength complies with the product specificationrequired for the cargo.

Lashing can also be printed or colourised to company requirements. For more information on the key features and benefits of Narrolash, visit our website . You can request samples, catalogues and quotes as well as see the full product range.

If you have previously relied on traditional strapping methods and would like to find out more about NARROLASH for lashing cargo and its benefits, please call us on (+27) 36 352 3108. We will be more than happy to help and we look forward to hearing from you.

Make us your first choice for lashing Cargo worldwide.