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Curtain Eyelet Tape

Narrowtex supplies curtain eyelet heading tapes that makes for clean and contemporary appearing drapes. Eyelet heading is suitable only for curtain poles and have a row of eyelets, usually metal, which can vary in diameter. As well as looking orderly, eyelet curtain tape takes up minimum space when stacked back, giving the room a modern, spacious look. A narrow rod, pole or wire is threaded through the eyelets that are inserted close to the top edge creating deep, soft folds.

Benefits of Curtain Tapes

• Choice of packaging – wound onto rolls or lap-folded
• Printed tape – promotes company brand awareness
• Heat finished or starched – reduce shrinkage during cleaning
• Superior tape performance – excellent quality and inspection processes
• Diverse product range – many choices in styles, widths and pleating effects

Eyelets for curtain headers
Rods or tracks : use with rods only
Fabric type : suitable for light to medium fabric
Fabric estimation: multiply the track width by 2 times


AAR Approved

Narrowtex manufactures and supplies Association of American Railroad (AAR) certified lashing for open top loading.