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Curtain Tapes

Curtain headings are a way of customizing and styling blinds and draperies so that the overall width of the fabric is reduced, creating a range of pleats or folds. Pretty average curtains, drapes or pelmets can get a huge upgrade in style when enhanced with the perfect heading tape. Narrowtex offers a wide range of curtain header tapes with varying widths to enhance curtains or blinds with perfect effects of pleating, gathering ruffling or stiffening, transforming a room into one of the homes greatest assets.

Modern interior designs demand curtaining and drapes with striking and graceful pleating impressions and therefore the pleating effects demands the ideal heading :

For Lightweight and sheer curtaining

– the Narrowtex range of translucent pleating tapes, lightweight curtain tapes and narrow headings are designed to transform drapery panels into beautiful pleats and folds. From roman blind tapes, pencil pleat, pinch pleat, gather tapes, translucent tapes, café pleats, lining tapes to smock pleats, achieve the ultimate elegance with Narrowtex curtain tape range

For medium to heavy curtaining

– heavier fabrics demand deep heading tapes to offer the ultimate presentation. The Narrowtex range of deep and ultra-deep curtain tapes provide the idyllic pleating result for these fabrics. From pencil pleats, pinch pleats, buckram tapes, lining tapes, smock pleats to box pleats, achieve the ultimate elegance with Narrowtex curtain tape range

1) Printed Curtain Tape

Printed header tape is a unique feature offered by Narrowtex, to show corporate identity and to promote brand awareness. The ink colours are pastel thus not interfering with the look of the curtaining.

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2) Finishing Curtain Tapes

To ensure minimal shrinkage during washing,
some of the Narrowtex curtain tapes,
depending on the type of tape, are :
• heat finished or ironed OR
• starched set

3) Curtain Tape Packing

Narrowtex offers packing choices …
1) Rolls in lengths of 50m or 100m
2) Lap folded into boxes of 500m

Headings tapes for curtains nylon and eyelet tape


Roman Blind Curtain Tape

Curtain tape for roman blinds

Roman blinds create a smooth, streamlined silhouette and provide a classic and contemporary look. Narrowtex produces roman blind tapes that houses a pocket for the rod and a guide for the cord…

Pinch Pleat Curtain Tape

curtain header tape

Narrowtex produces a range of headings extend to pinch pleat curtain tapes, which is a graceful decorative heading for curtains with any type of fabric…

Smock Pleat Tape

ready made curtains

The Narrowtex smock pleat tape offers a prettier and more unusual alternative to pencil pleat curtains. This tape creates a unique and attractive smock pleating result…

Café or Box Pleat Tape

Curtaining material for curtain headings

Narrowtex manufactures box pleat heading tapes that give a very trim and formal appearance. Also known as café pleat header tape, the final pleating result drapes into…

Lining Tape

Tapes use in curtains for headings

Lining tape is used to attach linings to curtains. Lining protects curtain damage, provides light and sound isolation and adds bulk to the curtaining. The Narrowtex lining tape…

Printed Curtain Tape

nylon tape curtain headings

Printed header tape is a unique feature offered by Narrowtex, to show corporate identity and to promote brand awareness.
The ink colours are pastel thus hidden and obscure during draping and hanging.

Pencil Pleat Curtain Tape

curtain headings tape made from nylon materials

Narrowtex manufactures an extensive range of pencil pleat curtain tapes, which are simple and versatile headings. Pencil pleats form timeless traditional designs and is the standard heading…

Gather Tapes

curtain headings nylon tapes for materials

The Narrowtex standard gather header tapes are a traditional yet informal style which suits curtains with a shorter drop, perfectly. Gather headings can be used with tracks or poles…

Eyelet Tape

Tapes used for eyelet curtaining for curtain headings

Narrowtex supplies eyelet heading tapes that makes for a clean and contemporary appearing drapes. Eyelet heading is suitable only for curtain poles and have a row of eyelets…

Buckram Tape

curtain header tapes for buckram style ready made curtaining

Narrowtex buckram tape is used to stiffen the top of the curtain for designing hand pleated headings. The stiffening tape holds the fabric more rigid, allowing pleating shapes to be created…

Translucent Tape

nylon table top curtain headings for the home

Narrowtex manufactures a range of translucent heading tapes, designed specifically for sheer and delicate curtain fabrics. This transparent tape is primarily used for adding strength…


Only the highest quality polyester, polypropylene, nylon and cotton yarns are used in the construction of our tapes, webbings and strapping to ensure a consistent and reliable product with superior all round performance.