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Convert from Steel to Narrostrap – Woven Polyester Strapping

Steel banding was the preferred method of cargo securement over the years as it was the only available palletizing and bundling method at the time. Advances in polyester manufacturing technology has resulted in Narrowtex producing Narrostrap, the polyester woven strapping, that yields superior tension capabilities, high levels of retained tension, and a host of other benefits that make it the preferred alternative. Narrostrap is available in various widths and break strengths, to suit any application. As a rule of thumb, the 19mm, 1100kg poly strapping would suffice for most steel application products however alternative product options are available for industry specific applications.

Health + Safety

Steel strapping has sharp edges and recoils when cut, making steel banding a huge injury risk. The coils are large, bulky and heavy, thus difficult to work with, manoeuvre and to store.

Woven strapping coils are lightweight, simple to handle manually and easy to store. Woven polyester strapping is soft on the hands, will not spring back and requires no protective gloves or eyewear during the cargo securing process.

Cargo Securement process

Steel bands are difficult to work with and can slip during the cargo securing process and cause damage to the load. Steel strapped packages that are standing for a time, become loose and cannot be re-tensioned.

Woven polyester strapping is applied easily, quickly and more consistently with a higher coefficient of friction resulting in the strapping not slipping during the load securement process. With polyester cord strapping applied properly, the amount of the stretch, which is normally in the range of 8-10%, serves as a “shock reserve”. Essentially, when your load settles, your package will still be intact. If necessary polyester woven straps can be re-tensioned.

Steel Bands can damage cargo or vehicles

The sharp edges of steel can cause damage to cargo and to the vehicle surface during transit. Besides, steel can also rust or stain a load.

Polyester strapping has soft pliable edges that wrap around cargo contours even the most unusually shaped loads, allowing partial movement during transit. Polyester strap does not scratch paintwork, score surfaces or damage forklifts and is corrosion free.

Narrostrap is more economical

Steel bands are very expensive and pricing is subject to quick changes in line with fluctuations in steel pricing. However, even when steel pricing is at the norm, polyester strapping is still 30 to 40% cheaper than steel. Switching to Narrostrap can provide significant cost savings in product, labour and productivity, as well as in tooling.

Reduce carbon footprint

To strap a normal general pallet requires 8 kg of steel banding whereas you will use just over 2 kg of Narrostrap – a reduction of over 350%, thus reducing your carbon footprint instantly. Narrostrap can be reused if properly tensioned. Narrostrap is also easy to recycle using an inexpensive shredder.


Ultimately, decisions on how to secure pallets and bundles must be based on what works. The advances in polyester strapping, tooling, and application machinery make Narrostrap the better choice for many applications.

If you are still using steel strapping for your application, even if you have tried this in the past, a second look is definitely warranted. We will gladly send you Narrostrap samples, free of charge, to determine if woven polyester strapping will work for your application. Please contact us directly.