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One of the key product lines that is supplied by Narrowtex are cargo restraints. Our patented NARROSTRAP is available in a variety of strengths and widths to ensure that our restraint webbing will effectively secure your cargo regardless of size, weight or shape.

Polyester cargo restraints will ensure that your cargo is safe and stable when it’s being transported. Whether that’s by ship, road or air, you can be rest assured that cargo secured by NARROSTRAP will arrive safely. The elongation in the webbing allows enough elasticity for load settling and load movement, thus ensuring your cargo arrives intact.

Narrowtex has built a good relationship over the years for being a top supplier of cargo restraints webbing and has supplied various companies in different industries with their cargo restraint requirements.

Please refer to our website where we have provided a wealth of information about NARROSTRAP to help give a better idea of how our cargo restraints are manufactured, finished and packaged. Our weaving and finishing capacity is capable of large volume production so that once we have received confirmation of your order we will have your cargo restraints webbing with you within the quickest time frame possible.

For more information about NARROSTRAP and its applications please contact us today. We will be more than happy to assist you further.