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Cable Pulling Tape Manufacturer

Narrowtex manufactures a wide range of high performance cable pulling tape to fast track cable installation efficiently, reducing labour material and inventory costs substantially. The Narrowtex fish pulling tape, available in a variety of strengths and lengths eliminates the additional labour required for string, rope or winch line combinations, exceeding all pull line requirements, providing superb performance.

1) Special pull tape features include

• Lowest burn through resistance
• Pre-lubrication reduces friction and safeguards against duct cutting, making the pulling tape trouble free
• Durable sequential foot-markings for measuring and proof conduits
• Maintains its flat shape, making it easier to blow into place, improving pulling performance.
• Flat design distributes the side-wall load and reduces duct burn-through
• Easily spliced through conventional methods
• Lightweight so the tape can be easily blown through the conduit
• Disperses load over a larger surface area of conduit, reducing frictional heat build-up and burn-through, especially at curves or turns.
• Protects conduit infrastructure and can be pre-installed
• Balanced tension of the cable pulling tape prevents flossing through conduit

2) Pull Tape Accurate Sequential Metre Markings

Narrowtex pull tape is marked with accurate sequential metre markings to :
• measures conduits precisely
• helps pinpoint crushed cabling
• eliminates the need for measuring tapes
• helps determine the metres on a partial roll

What is cable pulling tape?

Electricians use cable pulling tape as an electrical conduit and to route new wiring through walls. The main purpose of the pulling tape is to push through toward a space where a guide string has been dropped inside a restricted space and to pull it through, so the guide string can be used to pull through various kinds of wiring such as network cables, phone wire and speaker wires. The Narrowtex Cable Pulling Tape is specifically designed for Power Utility, Telecommunication and CATV cable installations.

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Manufacturer of cable pulling tape


Only the highest quality polyester, polypropylene, nylon and cotton yarns are used in the manufacture of our cable pulling tapes, webbings and strapping to ensure a consistent and reliable product with superior all round performance.

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