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Manufacturers of Cable Pulling Tape

The wide range of cable pulling tape produced by Narrowtex, is available in a variety of tensile strengths and various lengths to fast track cable installation efficiently, reducing labour, material and inventory costs substantially.

The cable pulling tape, eliminates the additional labour required for string, rope or winch line combinations, exceeding all pull line requirements, providing superb performance.

From our years of experience within the industry, we have perfected our cable pulling tape to ensure that pulling cable through a conduit is trouble free and has the lowest burn through resistance. Also, because it is lightweight, our cable pulling tape can be easily blown through the conduit hassle free.

The cable pulling tape is printed with accurate sequential metre markings that …
• measures conduits precisely
• helps pinpoint crushed cabling
• eliminates the need for measuring tapes
• helps determine the metres on a partial roll

Visit the Narrowtex website at to view the full range available and for additional features and benefits.

If you have any additional questions about cable pulling tape,  please call us on +27 36 3523108. We will be more than happy to assist you further.