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Buckram Heading Tape

Narrowtex buckram tape is used to stiffen the top of the curtain for designing hand pleated headings. The stiffening header tape holds the fabric more rigid, allowing pleating shapes to be created and stabilized more easily so that pleats are kept in place when they are sewn. Buckram tape is thick with a canvas-like feel thus adding body to the top of the curtaining so besides achieving a desirable pleating action, drapery pins do not damage the fabric.

Typical curtain headings that are sewn using buckram tapes are :

• French or knife pleats…refer to pinch pleats
• Box or café Pleats…refer to café or box pleats
• Goblet pleats

Goblet Pleats

Goblet Pleated draperies are modern, elegant and extremely decorative and delivers a more modern heading style. The key feature is a rounded shape at the top where the buckram tape is located to create the heading of the drape. The name of this elegant heading comes from the shape of the pleat, which looks like a goblet.

Benefits of Buckram Curtain Tapes

• Choice of packaging – wound onto rolls or lap-folded
• Printed tape – promotes company brand awareness
• Heat finished or starched – reduce shrinkage during cleaning
• Superior tape performance – excellent quality and inspection processes
• Diverse product range – many choices in styles, widths and pleating effects

Rods or tracks : use with tracks
Fabric type : suitable for medium to heavy fabric types
Fabric estimation: multiply the track width by 3 times


AAR Approved

Narrowtex manufactures and supplies Association of American Railroad (AAR) certified lashing for open top loading.