Print Friendly

Companies worldwide capitalise on every branding opportunity possible. Brand awareness can be a costly affair but why does it need to be ? The easiest, most obvious ways always seem the most difficult but with Narrostrap it is that simple and you can have it for free – strap your products with printed strapping from Narrowtex.
The printing as just an added value and is at no charge no matter what you want printed, in whatever colour you want.

The full Narrostrap range can be printed with
• company details
• company logo
• website address
• corporate colours
Design your print to match your company brand !

Every product leaving your premises secured with strapping with your company details screams corporate branding at every opportunity – en-route to the freight company, at the warehouse awaiting loading, in transit, at the customer warehouse. Through it all, your company stands out and is noted.
Any type of Narrostrap can be printed on :
• Polyester woven strapping
• Bonded Strapping (hot melt strapping)
• Steel replacement strapping
The printing can be done on plain white strapping or strapping colorised to your corporate colours. You decide what best suits your company brand
Use the colorised strapping to mark or identify specific cargo or highlight special cargo.
Or simply to identify your company cargo
Pick and choose any colour you like

Stand out and be noticed no matter where your product goes by simply securing your cargo with branded and or colourised Narrostrap.