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Bonded Strapping (Hot Melt Strapping)
“Always stay one strap ahead”

Bonded strapping is another name for corded strapping or hot melt strapping. Bonded strapping is manufactured from high tenacity polyester filament yarn bonded together with hot melt glue technology.
The corded strapping is a lightweight product with high strength capabilities and a smooth uniform product finish, thus providing an ideal securing solution for simple tasks or for extra reinforcements.
Superior Join Efficiency
Hot melt strapping is perfect for securing light to medium weight cargo using either buckles for superior join efficiency or a plain knot, tied securely. The polyester corded strap is strong, soft and pliable, flexible and ideal for use on delicate edges and surfaces of cargo. The gentle and smooth surface of the bonded strapping does not damage the product, no matter how irregular shaped the cargo is, or how delicate it is eg cardboard cores or glass.


Outdoor Use
Bonded strapping is weatherproof and UV resistant and therefore ideal for outdoor applications. This has earned the hot melt strapping its additional name of weather guard strapping. The hot melt strapping offers excellent moisture resistance.
Product range
Corded strapping is available in various widths and in break strengths from 225kg /496lbs and is available in a 250m/820 feet coil configuration which is ideal and compatible with most brands of baling.
A Greener Planet

Hot melt strapping has been proven to be the superior alternative to non-traditional strapping products eg polypropylene rope and baling twine.
If you are in the bale press, glass, cardboard packaging, agricultural or meat industry we highly recommend you speak to Narrowtex for a Bonded Strapping solution.