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Narrowtex is the leading supplier and manufacturer of automotive seat belt webbing in South Africa. Automotive seat belt webbing is also produced and exported to automotive manufacturers across the UK, France, Germany and Spain. Automotive seat belt webbing is a safety critical product and as such demands product that is made to exact specifications.

The use of high tenacity yarn and exact specification adherence, ensures that the automotive seatbelt webbing, is of extremely high quality. The in-house laboratory system is guarantees product conformance during each stage of the manufacturing process. A conformance test certificate is issued with every batch of automotive seat belt webbing.

Narrowtex continually invests in technologically advanced plant and equipment to ensure that the company is able to efficiently produce large volumes of automotive seatbelt webbing that is of high quality with market related pricing.

Please do not hesitate to request a free sample today of the automotive seat belt webbing so you can have the product tried and tested for yourself and have our quality tested. Go to to request your free sample.

Would you like a quote for the automotive seat belt webbing you require? If so, then please call us on +27 36 352 3108. We will be happy to help and we look forward to hearing from you.