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Narrowtex is committed to improving company performance and to remain a market leader in the narrow fabrics field, globally.

Established in 1969, Narrowtex is a company with a longstanding history. From past experience and technical expertise, together with premium quality standards, Narrowtex has developed into a well recognized establishment in local and international markets.

The production plant and head office is located in Estcourt, Kwazulu Natal, a serene, midland town in South Africa. Historically, the company has evolved and enlarged into one of the country’s largest exporter, with 55% of product volumes being distributed to Europe, USA and Australia.

Narrowtex is a fully integrated company with processes such as …warping, weaving, knitting, dyeing, finishing, make-up and packaging, including an up to date laboratory for continuous testing at different stages of production. The company has developed their product range over the years to include :

Automotive seatbelt webbing
Curtain heading tape
Industrial webbing

The Narrowtex sales circle includes sales agents and distributors across South Africa, Europe, Australia and USA. The sales teams provide excellent customer service, which is key in the business success matrix. The company’s key focus is on maintaining excellent customer relationships with existing customers, whilst still growing their market base.

Proudly South African, Narrowtex has excellent technical and management expertise to ensure that the superior quality standards are maintained across all their product lines. Continually striving for excellence, the company is constantly upgrading and improving its software, production and finishing processes to deliver product that exceeds all expectations with regard to quality, functionality, design and creativity.